» Production Team - Out in the Dark

Production Team

Co-Writer Yael Shafrir

Also born in Israel, Yael has been writing since her teenage years.  She is currently working on a one-hour drama series in development with Israeli producer Gal Kalfus.  She has also translated many books into Hebrew including a translation of Rivka Tadjer’s ‘Two Weeks Under’ that she is currently working on.  Out in the Dark marks her first screenplay

Producer Lihu Roter

Lihu Roter is an accomplished, Israeli based film producer who has developed and produced multiple internationally acclaimed film projects. He began his career in 2002; he founded the successful Israeli record label “No Distribution”. In 2007 Roter began a career as a film producer, developing and shooting films in Europe and the US. Roterʼs feature film-producing debut, Andante, played the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, won the music award at the 2010 Jerusalem International Film Festival, and was nominated for four Israeli Academy Awards. In 2010 he started Periscope Productions, a film, television and commercial production company.

Director of Photography Ran Aviad

With a career spanning 15 years Ran has worked in both fiction and documentary films. He is the winner of the 2008 Cinematography Award at Docaviv Film Festival in Tel Aviv for Adama, directed by Iftach Shevach. He was a cameraman on the Academy Award nominated Ajami (2009), and some of his other credits include Gei Oni (2011), Karlovy Varyʼs 2012 Official Selection Where Ever You Go, Erez Tadmorʼs Everything is OK (2005) and Eliezer Shapiroʼs Menuchaʼs Film (2004) which both played the Haifa Film Festival, and Yaniv Bayouʼs Bat-Yam Legend (2002)