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“A gripping feature debut (…), by turns tender and tense, sensual and suspenseful.”

“In Mayer’s assured hands a drama that could easily have become schematic instead pulses with urgency, longing and raw feeling.”

- The Hollywood Reporter


“4 STARS – Michael Mayer films scenes of love, violence and suspense with the hand of a young master.

- L’Express (France)


“As tense and distressing as it is romantic, this thoughtful look at modern forbidden passions transcends the imposed confines of queer or provincial cinema, saying something important about human connections (…), regardless of sexual orientation and geography.”

- Exclaim (Canada)


“Mayer manages to balance, with style a touching love story and a realistic political thriller.”

- Die Welt (Germany)


“4 STARS – Out in the Dark conquers us with it’s emotional sincerity.”
- TimeOut Tel Aviv (Israel)


“Two genuinely brilliant performances from Nicholas Jacob and Michael Aloni (…) A stunning debut.”

- Rapporto Confidenziale (Italy)


“A profoundly moving portrait of love caught in a minefield of socio-political conflict. Out in the Dark is thoughtful, poignant, nerve-shredding and hauntingly relevant – a story of human turmoil that demands to be seen by anyone who has a beating heart.”

- The Moviejerk (UK)


“Mayer has managed to not only make a memorable debut, but an unflinching document about the violence and hardships people face in this hostile territory.”

- IONcinema


“Both lead actors shine in their respective roles.”

“Hats off to director Mayer for touching on such a controversial subject (…), and for handling the film with such care and sensitivity.”

- The Herald (India)


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