» Director/Co-Writer/Producer: Michael Mayer - Out in the Dark

Director/Co-Writer/Producer: Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer was born in Israel.  He graduated from USC Film School and now lives/works out of Los Angeles.  Out in the Dark marks his feature film debut.


Director’s Statement:

Out in the Dark for me is about love and about a man facing insurmountable odds on his journey to experience it.

Nimer ‘s relationship with Roy and with his family are the heart and soul of Out in the Dark, and it was crucial for me to find the right actors, and to rehearse as much as schedule and budget would permit. We took a long time casting and matching actors, with some roles locked as long as a year before shooting. When it came time to rehearse we spent weeks with the actors, working on building character and performance, but also, and just as important, establishing a natural closeness and affinity between the actors that brings real honesty to their portrayals.

Together with Ran Aviad, my DP, we decided to keep the camera fluid and place it as close to the actors as possible, creating a sense of intimacy and immediacy and avoiding a more detached style of a static and distant camera so often associated with current world cinema.

We chose to keep the framing tight. Not only to serve intimacy but also to create a growing sense of claustrophobia and keep our geography vague, merging Ramallah and Tel Aviv into one continuous thematic location.

My ultimate goal was to push Nimer’s relationship with Roy and with his family to the foreground and to allow us to experience it in the raw. We should never feel like we are watching Nimer and Roy from afar, studying them, or worse, judging them, but rather we should be immersed in their drama and their touching story.”

- Michael Mayer